Dumbovački Waterfalls

You could say that the distance as the crow flies between the Brankovac resort, the Beočin monastery and Rakovac monastery is largely the same, so you could reach it from different sides if you just follow the forest road and the accompanying signs. Hidden from accidental passers-by in a thick forest and on a 5m high steep place, the Dumbovački stream intersects itself a little and then becomes a waterfall. During dry periods and extreeme heats it doesn't go dry, but it significantly lessens in size. As everything on Fruška Gora is humble in essence, so is this naturaly occuring phenomenon. Getting to it presents a small challenge, especially if you're coming from Brankovac. The road is dangerous and steep, so be carefoul and bring the required equipment with you. 

Place: Beočin

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.169280
  • Long: 19.750001
  • Alt: 245 m