Rules of Conduct


  • Lighting fires anywhere except in designated pits.
  • Littering.
  • Driving motorized vehicles off-road.
  • Camping outside intended areas.
  • Making noise.
  • Picking plants and fungi.
  • Catching, disturbing, injuring or killing the wildlife.
  • Collecting fossils and minerals.
  • Destruction of animal and plant habitats.
  • Introducing and releasing allochthonous species.
  • Damaging or removing animal eggs from the wild.
  • Chemical, biological or any other sort of pollution.
  • Any other activities that could disturb the natural balance of the park.
  • Destroying material goods and the forest.


  • When leaving the park, please pick up your litter and carry it to the nearest designated disposal area.
  • Please report any inappropriate, irresponsible or illegal behavior to park officials.
  • Please report any illegal dump sites to park officials.
  • Please report habitat destruction in any form to park officials.