Kozarica Spring

Kozarica is located in Čortanovci forest, not far from the Danube shore. According to legend, St. Sava passed by here in the 12th century, on his way to Kovilj, to make peace between his brother Stefan Nemanjić, the Grand Prince of Serbia, and king Andrew II of Hungary. For this reason, the path by the spring is called Savinac, as is the spring itself. The spring was erected in 1890, and it has stood the test of time until 2006, when it was finally renovated. Other than refreshing spring water, you can also find pleasant surroundings and a lovely view upon the Danube here.

Place: Čortanovci

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.165503
  • Long: 20.020098
  • Alt: 122 m