Picnic Areas

Zmajevac Picnic Area

The many resorts of Fruška Gora are on its highest parts. From the first days of spring to the first days of cold, autumn, days, the resorts become the favourite spots for nature lovers. One of them is the Zmajevac resort, with one of the most beautiful views of Srem, especially in the evening hours, when the lights of the local villages are turned on. This resort is equipped with many wooden benches and tables, some of them are even covered with cloth, so they fit in perfectly into a scenic picnic area. There are outdoor grills and furnaces that make grilling easier. 

It's on the crossroad between the Partisan road and the Vrdnik-Rakovac road. Not far away are the Iriški Venac and Ledinci Lake, which you can reach by the forest road. 

Place: Vrdnik

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.15778
  • Long: 19.77784
  • Alt: 418 m