Picnic Areas

Testera Picnic Area

The Testera resort is about 6km away from Čerević. There's a resort that's more attuned for kids and recreationalists before the main resort, and has housing, education, and sports activities facilities. 

The resort is snuggled in a Fruška Gora forest, merged with nature and radiates calmness and serenity. There's a small lake on the premisses next to which is a spring market with a five point star. If you climb the dirt stairs by the spring, you'll be welcomed to a vast meadow. There's a cute chapel at the edge of the forest.

You can reach this place by asphalt road from Čerević, and if you continue down the road, following the rise, you'll end up at Andrevlje resort.

Place: Čerević

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.1801878
  • Long: 19.6520091
  • Alt: 162 m