Picnic Areas

Andrevlje Picnic Area

About 6 kilometres away from the Čerević village and the coast of Danube is the Andrevlje picnic area. At a somewhat isolated location at one of the most beautiful parts of Fruška Gora lies the perfect spot to rest, have fun, or just enjoy nature. The former resort was completely renovated in 2008. and has a modern congress centre that's also an open-area tourist establishment. 

The location is adorned by a prosperous meadow - an island inside a thick forest - that's also one of the favourite spots for hikers and campers during the 1st of May. There are also goals for mini-footbal, swings and sea-saws, all great for a family trip outdoors. There's a foot road from Andrevlje to Letenka and the Partisan road; you can also get to it by car if you're coming from Čerević.

Place: Čerević

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.17406
  • Long: 19.64632
  • Alt: 200 m