Kamenolom Memorial Site

This memorial site is dedicated to fallen soldiers and victims of the fascist regime that died during World War 2 on the territory of Rakovac. It's about 500m away from the monastery, next to a road that leads to the Zmajevac picnic area. During the war, Rakovac was a strong foothold of the rebelion where armerd actions were taken against the ocupator. As a sign of retaliation in 1942. the village was burned  and the price of war was payed by the monastery as well, where a partisan printing press was discovered in 1943. The central green plateau is surrounded by monumental memorial plaques. One part of the complex was built inside the hill itself, and it remembers a mine shaft. It actually made as a mosaic, and up until a while ago, a huge portrait of Tito loomed high with the tag line "Comrade Tito, we swear to you" that was recently painted over. 

Right above the complex is the Beli Majdan cave, to which you can arrive by a forest road.

Place: Rakovac

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.18103
  • Long: 19.77137
  • Alt: 196 m