Grgeteg Monastery

This nunnery is located at the end of Grgeteg, right by the dense forest of Fruška Gora. Legend has it that Grgeteg Monastery and its Church of Saint Nikola were founded by the famous despot Zmaj Ognjeni Vuk (Vuk Branković) for his blind father, in as early as the 15th century. The old stone church was replaced with a baroque construction back in the 18th century. Next to the iconostasis, painted in 1902. by Uroš Predić, stands the acclaimed icon "Trojeručicа", bringing numerous pilgrims to the Monastery.

Grgeteg Monastery used to be a rather wealthy monastery, with four mills, nine water mills, and 200 acres of arable fields, wineyards, and meadows. The monastery grounds contain a prominent geological and paleonological site east of the Monastery gate at Kalin stream.

The Monastery suffered great damages during the Second World War, when the bell tower and most of the dormitories were demolished. Today, the monastery consists of the church encircled with dormitories, and a building for economical matters.

By taking the well-trodden summer path, you can reach Velika Remeta Monastery, which is only a kilometer away as the crow flies.

Place: Grgeteg

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.137996
  • Long: 19.902007
  • Alt: 274 m