Bešenovo Monastery

Bešenovo Monastery is located in Bešenovački Prnjavor, at the very end of the village, by the forest and Čikoš brook. It suffered great damage during the Second World War, when it lost its entire roof, and several walls. In time, the very bricks were taken away until it was stripped down to just the foundation. A modest wooden chapel has been put up by the monastery, underneath a 300-year-old linden tree. The Monastery was founded by the Serbian king Dragutin, towards the end of the 13. century, and dedicated to the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Reconstructions began in 2013.

Not far from Bešenovo Monastery lies Mala Remeta Monastery, which can be reached by a well-trodden dirt path.

Place: Bešenovo

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.116919
  • Long: 19.707284
  • Alt: 209 m