Vrdnik Tower

The Vrdnik Tower is, believe it or not, near Vrdnik. There's reason to believe that its foundations were raised during Roman times in the fourth century, upon which a fort was later built in the fourteenth century. Today's tower, however, is only a shadow of the one that once was. 

It's at the top of a lonely hill, overgrown with thick forest, so it'll always be on your horizon wherever you're coming from. There's a winding mountain path that leads to the tower - to get to it, look for the sign that reads "Kula - Staza Zdravlja." After a few minutes of climbing (and it shouldn't be too hard) you'll end up at the oval walls of the tower. It's a few meters shy of being 20m tall, and is cylindrically shaped. There are openings in its thick walls through which, if you're good at climbing, you'll be able to see inside. The view of the forests of Fruška Gora from up there is highly inspiring, and utmost impressive.

The forest around it hides remnants of the former walls of the fort. On your way back you could come down the way to Vrdnik and the Ravanica monastery.

Place: Vrdnik

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.143916
  • Long: 19.775316
  • Alt: 368 m