TV Tower on Iriški Venac

The TV tower on Iriški Venac is the biggest one on Fruška Gora with its 170m in height. The armored concrete construction was built in 1975. and its main purpose was the emission of radio and TV signals in Vojvodina. Because of is location and height, the object is visible from the most part of the Srem and Bačka side, and is an indispensable part of the Novi Sad panorama. It suffered great amounts of damage during the NATO  bombing in 1999. and has since been in limited function. The sanitation plan still hasn't been clearly defined. The tower has huge tuourism potential, especially by restoring the observation deck that has a venerable view of Novi Sad, Srem, and Bačka. 

It's near the most important crossroad on Fruška Gora, at the top of the Iriški Venac. In its vicinity are the National Liberation Fight monument Sloboda.

Place: Irig

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.158310
  • Long: 19.861890
  • Alt: 512 m