Orlove Stene

The two hundred milion year old rocks speak of the rich geological past of Fruška Gora. The sharp and pointed rocks are not characteristic of Fruška Gora, which is mostly characterised by forests, valleys, and rounded peaks.

They were made by sedimentation bellow eart, and then at one point they surfaces and since then they defy erosion. The period when the Orlovac rocks are especially beautiful is during winter, well after leaves fall. They’re located on a hill, on a slope, and they stand out from the environment thanks to their specific form.

You can get to Orlovac from the Crveni Čot, by walking next to the military object and the road which leads next to the Osovlje picnic area.

Place: Beočin

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.159088
  • Long: 19.700114
  • Alt: 383 m