Grgurevci Cave

Discovered in 1961. by Đorđe Mirković from Grgurevac, the cave was at first called Đorđeva (Đorđe's) or Šođetova cave (Šođe's cave, because his nickname was Šođe).

It's the only speleological site on Fruška Gora and the Pannonian Basin, and represents a geological phenomenon. It can't be compared to some bigger caves because it's only 13,5m deep, and by shape resembles a pit, but because of its geological structure, ie. the corals that are overgrowing in it, it's ranked as a full-fledged cave. Fossil remains of small rodents and bats were found here. Rodents, insects and many others seek refuges in the pit as well. The insides can be seen only through bars because entering the cave is not allowed. Right next to it, though, is a spot where you can catch your breath and enjoy a great view.

Place: Grgurevci

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.13525
  • Long: 19.65098
  • Alt: 444 m