Fruška Gora Hotel

Not far from the Ležimir village at the outskirts of Fruška Gora is the former, and you won't believe the name, Fruška Gora Hotel. During the seventies and eighties people came and enjoyed the nature and plenty activities at the hotel. Visitors from Belgrade and Novi Sad came in troves, to at least taste the famous cuisine here. During the wars that happened hence forth, many refugees made the hotel their home, and took care of it. After the refugees left and subsequent failed sales of the hotel, it was demolished, robbed, and left to ruin. What remains today are the colourful walls that serve as a hallowed reminder of a place very much alive and beautiful. 

The hotel ruins eventually found a partial use - fans of extreme sports use it as a polygon to play paintball. 

Place: Ležimir

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.13816
  • Long: 19.58348
  • Alt: 279 m