Church of Saint Rudolph

When heading for Novi Sad from the village of Banoštor, you will run across the Catholic Church of Saint Rudolph, known among the locals as shwapska ("German"). Neo-Romanticist Catholic churches are a rare sight in the villages of Fruška Gora. It was built in 1912. on the lands of count Rudolph Chotek of Futog, who financed the construction in the name of the then predominately German population. The tall bell-tower, separated from the central part of the Church, used to have three ornate bells.

When the Germans left the area after the war, the Church rapidly deteriorated due to lack of upkeep, and today, all that remains are the outer walls, and no roof. The neglected stairway leads to the entrance, above which stands an ornate interwoven capital, and a marble plaque stating the date of construction and the Saint it is dedicated to. The interior is covered in graffiti that is up to thirty years old, and remains of an altar stand at the opposite end. The top of the tower still have some remnants of the former dome, with a new addition, a stork nest.

Place: Banoštor

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.215095
  • Long: 19.616328
  • Alt: 80 m