Kosača Meadow

Only curious visitors passed behind the yellow-green ramp that's at the entrance to the Erdevik spa and haven't missed the magic of this place.

At 300m the meadow begins and the hunting stand from which spans a great view of the rest of the landscape and forest that shapes this meadow. There are feeders for game nearby in the forest on the left side, and if you continue straight ahead, you can reach the next stand that's on the left side at the cove by the forest. At the very beginning there's a feeder near the stream nearby. Two springs where the game comes for nourishment flow into that stream, so if you're lucky, you can end up seeing a buck or two. A great number of springs around the area makes this place the only one with fresh, green grass during dry periods - and by extent, it attracts more game.

Place: Erdevik

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.14561
  • Long: 19.40698
  • Alt: 143 m