Kudoš Lake

Kudoš lake is near Ruma, towards Fruška Gora, but it's more commonly known as Pavlovac Lake. It was formed by building a dam on the same-named stream for land irrigation purposes. It's about 75ha and six meters deep. Because of the rich flora this lake is teeming with fish, hence why there are a lot of sport fishermen throughout the year. The most prominent fish are: carp, catfish, perch, carp, tostolobik. The fishermen say that the fish are excellent. Many types of birds flock here, too. During summer days, the lake becomes a popular destination for all localmen, even those who live a bit further out and want to enjoy the smooth, glistening waters. Even with the first days of spring, the lake is visited by campers from all over the country in search of refuge in nature. 

Place: Pavlovci

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.06485
  • Long: 19.79359
  • Alt: 139 m