Dobrodol Lake

Near the Dobrodol village (which has only a few houses), is the same-named accumulated lake. All accumulations on Fruška Gora formed during the seventies as to irrigate the farms, protect from floods, and for fishing and tourism. This lake is no exception. It's 45ha big, and 6m deep. Close to the Bešenovac lake, Dobrodol has the clearest water from all other lakes. With plentiful food, this lake is rich with big carps, grass carps, and perches, and thus represents a heavenly spot for fishing. Few can resist the beauty of this place, especially during hot summer days.

The atmosphere at the lake is only slightly impeded by motorcycles and vehicles that cross the dam on their way to local farms and the Žarkovac village.

Don't miss the chance to see the Šatrinačko lake, that's 3km away, nor the Krušedol monastery that's a bit further down.

Place: Dobrodol

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.044332
  • Long: 19.942608
  • Alt: 114 m