Čalma Lakes I, II, III

The Čalma lake, or to be precise the Čalma I, II, and III lakes, were made during the seventies. It was supposed to be one lake, but because of the geological conditions three lakes were made; all are filled by groundwater and springs, of which the biggest is the Begov spring that's right next to the first lake. The water overflows from the first, only to fill the remaining two lakes. Fishermen are rare, and swimmers even more so, so the lakes more look lake nature reserves. 

The local shepherds bring sheep here, accompanied by donkeys and guardian dogs. They say that during the night, you can hear jackals that prey on the sheep, but remain hidden in holes during the day. On the very entrance before going down to the lake, is an abandoned fruit union. Be careful of the dogs that can start barking at visitors if they get too close to the sheep. 

Place: Čalma

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.066193
  • Long: 19.548613
  • Alt: 106 m