Bingula Lake

Between the villages Erdevik and Bingula, is the small Bingula lake. You'll rarely see swimmers in this lake, and the water can be crystal clear during spring. The lake is filled by the basins from the north and groundwater. The overflowing water on the south side used to fill a second small lake that dried out during past heat waves, and is now only covered with reeds. There used to be water mills here, but a nearby lake was built for the local mill. That mill stopped working during the nineties, so the lake, as locals say, is practically no one's. Fishing here is rare because people usually go the the Erdevik lakes, thought you may sometimes find a fisherman enjoying a nice summer's day. 

Place: Bingula

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.10122
  • Long: 19.43638
  • Alt: 98 m