Beli Kamen Lake

The Beli Kamen Lake, Fruška Gora's jewel, is a former marl quarry that belonged to the Beočin cement factory, but with its contrasting blue waters and white rock, it resembles the Mediterranean a little.

Abandoned after exhausting the mind, the like started filling with water during the eighties, only to be 50m deep after 25 years. The water levels continue to rise. The locals say that, during the mining, the main water line was cut and because of that local springs went dry. The water is clean, clear, turquoise, and some say has healing properties because of the minerals in it. You can often see visitors by the shores rubbing mud on themselves that's also considered to have healing powers.

This lake is different from the other accumulated ones, and it was made in a similar way to the Ledinci lake. The rare fishermen say that there were plenty of fish, but most of it has been fished out, and what remains are tostolobik, roach and babushka. Schools of fish can bee seen in the shallow parts.


Place: Bešenovo

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.104149
  • Long: 19.713207
  • Alt: 181 m