"Gaston Wine" Winery

"Gaston Wine" winery sits cozily on the Danube coast, 43 km away from Novi Sad. Here you can enjoy wine tastings, but also sample rakija and other homemade specialties. The winery, as well as tamburaši (tambouritza band) and a catering team, can be booked for a variety of celebrations and events. Visitors may schedule organized trips to the church and Sremska house in Neštin, as well as use the winery's 4-person boat to navigate the Danube. The winery accomodates up to 60 people indoors, and up to 100 people in the covered garden.

Accommodations in "Gaston Wine" comprise of 3 rooms for up to 8 people and 4 additional beds in the house. The price includes bed and breakfast, but other meals can be arranged upon request. The accommodations are exclusive to larger groups with reservations. The winery can be reached by a paved road, and a large parking lot is situated nearby.

Includes: Wi-Fi, parking area.

Activity: Degustation, Sleeping

Place: Neštin

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.227911
  • Long: 19.449970
  • Alt: 80 m