"Belo Brdo" Winery

The "Belo Brdo" winery was founded in 2010. It is located 17 km from Novi Sad. The winery's first strains were planted at the foot of Fruška Gora, on "Belo Brdo" hill, hence its name.

The winery relies exclusively on its own grape production, and its capacities are at 120,000 litres of wine a year. Guests can schedule organized wine tasting tours here, and try vintages that have earned golden and silver medals across many competitions. The wine tasting hall is spacious, it fits up to 30 people. Upon request, the hosts will organize lunch for groups of up to 15 people as well.

Activity: Degustation

Place: Čerević

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.210408
  • Long: 19.691359
  • Alt: 89 m