Viline Vode

Viline Vode Resort is just 10 km away from Novi Sad, on the edge on Fruška gora National park. Sleeping capacity is situated on the top floor of the house and it consists of: one double bed and a sofa that transforms into a sleeping area, making it suitable for up to 4 adults. In lower part we have a bathroom, kitchen and a bar. In front of the house we have big terrace that has roof over it and is 30 m2 big. Our upper yard is 400 m2 big.

On our terrace you shall find big sofa that's made of pallets along with small table. Also we have available big round table with 6 chairs as well as cutlery and everything else needed for food preparation. For chill moments our guests have 4 chairs. Also, outside, guest can use barbecue along which they get woods and charcoal.

Our resort has 4G wifi connection. Viline Vode Resort is a peaceful place for family vacation as well as smaller celebration events (birthdays, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties...) that are up to 15 people.

Activity: Celebrations, Sleeping

Place: Sremska Kamenica

on the map location

  • Lat: 45.1853179
  • Long: 19.8602268
  • Alt: 274 m